The Wind industry is Owned by the Oil Industry!

Jaysus, I knew it. I been sayin this for feckin ages but all the lads say ‘Ah youre pissed Paddy’ or ‘Yer cracked Paddy’ or suchlike. Now maybe you boyos will feckin listen to me – the oil industry owns the feckin’ wind farms and the pylons I bet.


Makes sense dunnit? If you need more power stations to back up the dodgy windmills, then if you build more windmills you need to build more power stations. Scratch my arse an I’ll scratch yours.


So what does that mean? The oil boyos buy the feckin wind industry, convince the government (who couldn’t find their own arse in the jacks) that they need to build all these wind farms or else they will have to pay the EU zillions in fines, and they make money selling windfarms, making a fortune in subsidies, and selling more oil and gas to run all the new power stations to keep the lights on when the wind doesn’t blow.


You couldn’t make this shit up.


Still don’t believe me? Well read the feckin report yourself.

Report of the Grand Conseil des changements climatiques-FINAL2

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