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The Wind industry is Owned by the Oil Industry!

Jaysus, I knew it. I been sayin this for feckin ages but all the lads say ‘Ah youre pissed Paddy’ or ‘Yer cracked Paddy’ or suchlike. Now maybe you boyos will feckin listen to me – the oil industry owns the feckin’ wind farms and the pylons I bet.


Makes sense dunnit? If you need more power stations to back up the dodgy windmills, then if you build more windmills you need to build more power stations. Scratch my arse an I’ll scratch yours.


So what does that mean? The oil boyos buy the feckin wind industry, convince the government (who couldn’t find their own arse in the jacks) that they need to build all these wind farms or else they will have to pay the EU zillions in fines, and they make money selling windfarms, making a fortune in subsidies, and selling more oil and gas to run all the new power stations to keep the lights on when the wind doesn’t blow.


You couldn’t make this shit up.


Still don’t believe me? Well read the feckin report yourself.

Report of the Grand Conseil des changements climatiques-FINAL2

Right2Water March

Irish Water march

My early release was on the promise that I stay in Mullingar but there was no way I wez missin the Right2Water march and Peig was also gaggin to go. So we loaded up Saoirse’s wheelchair in the van and all three of us were off to the Big Smoke. I had me knuckleduster in my pocket for the gobshite who tried to start. This was a peaceful protest, and the first Shinner who stepped out of line was going to get it. And to give credit, the crowd was grand, probably cos it was too feckin cold to do anything else. The only misbehaving was by a couple of guards in Merrion Square who was chirping some of the lads. I also saw a plainclothes detective – with “Guard is Good” tattooed on his arm – pushing and shoving some wenches on one of the barriers – feckin eejit.

Dis was all about the means of production and the masters of capital taking more and more and leaving the ordinary folks – the lumpen proleteriat – with feck all. Dats according to Richie Boyd-Barrett and ah Jeez, he was grand altogether, with aul Damien churning out the choons. Gerry and the boyos gave it some welly but we’ve heard it before. Richie was the star of the show, along with the organiser of the whole caboodle, Brendan Oogle – good man himself.

And Richie is dead right – this abortion of a government is all about piling away the cash, for themselves and their big business brothers, as quick as they can. It is about feckin-over the ordinary folk, the rural folk, the elderly, the disabled, the youth – you name it, this government has screwed it, like some huge hungry whore. It is about the money paid to wind farms, and the money paid to bankers and bond holders, and about the money paid to your man for his water meters and his pylons. The water charge is just the latest of a long list of money paid by blocklayers like me, out of work for two years now, but still paying and paying, until there is just no more.

While we were singing along with Glen Hansard I was chattin to your wan who was telling me that she can’t even buy bags of sweets for her chissellers this Christmas cos she’s already saving her pennies to buy them new school shoes for next year. Jesus H Christ on a stick – is this what we’ve come to?

How many? Your blondy wan Sharon on the 6 o’clock news on His Masters Voice tried to say 30 000. Feck off yer slag. The guards were stopping people from going into Merrion Square cos they said it was at capacity of 60 000. And that was just after 12.30 with loads of people still streaming in off the buses, so feck off with yer 30 000. Youze did the same with the anti-pylon / windfarm march when you estimated less than half of what we knew was there. Your ‘30 000’ in truth means well more than 60 000. Maybe not quite the 100 000 but close enough, given that it was a work day and feckin brass monkeys.

The lies you have told us – first Fat Pat Rabbitte, then Herr Hogan, now Belly Kelly – with Bent Enda and Croan Joan conducting the choir. You lied about the energy, about the electricity, about the renewables, about the banks, about the HSE, about our schools, and now about the water. And christalmighty we are sick of it. So stick it up your arse cos sure as green apples we will do it for you given half the chance. Youse have taken a great country and a proud people just too much for granted whilst you’ve piled away the cash – but no more. It stops here.

Letter from Mountjoy

Irish Prison ServiceUnit 666
Mountjoy Prison

Mrs Peig Pylon
69 Enda’s Passage
6 November 2014

Dear Peig

I’m comin’ home, I’ve done my time
Now I’ve got to know is dat pylon live?
When you receive this letter tellin’ youse I’ll soon be free
I just need you to do this one thing for me
Please Pet, just for me

Tie a yellow ribbon ’round the auld donkey
It’s been four hot months
In a cell with John Joe Leigh
If I see dat feckin pylon …..
I’ll kick up a fuss
Scream ‘feck’ ‘arse’and cuss
Flash my langer on RTE
If I don’t see a yellow ribbon round the aul’ donkey.

Love and kisses


Irish Prison Service
Unit 666
Mountjoy Prison

Alex White TD,
Dail Eireann,
Leinster House,
Kildare Street,
Dublin 2
6 November 2014


Hiya Alex

I’m comin’ home, you know the rhyme
Now I’ want to know what you’ve done this time
When you receive my letter tellin’ you I’ll soon be free
Then you’ll know just what to do if you don’t want me
screamin’ like a banshee

Tie a “cancelled” ribbon round that Grid 25
It’s been seven long years
And EirGrid’s still alive
If I don’t see EirGrid going back to the ESB
I’ll kick up a fuss
Scream ‘feck’ ‘arse’and cuss
Flash my langer on RTE
If I don’t see EirGrid going back to the E.S.B..

Yours etc.
Padraig Pylon


behind bars

You’ve not heard from me for a few months because the law finally caught up with me. To be sure twas a good run but tis grand to be back with Peig and Saoirse again after sleeping in barns and back seats, one step ahead of the shades. I’m out on bail which Peig organised with her boss at work – gas man.

My brief advised me against putting up any more posts as it might banjax my case. That was before the prosecutor decided to make it non-indictable which means it will only be heard by a judge, no jury. That’s cos a jury would’ve set me free. The upside is that we all know a judge couldn’t be arsed to read  a blog so I reckon I’m grand. Anyways, I was just told that I have been nominated for a Blog of the Year award by one of my 35000 readers, and I can’t keep me gob shut after that, can I?

Cos of a complaint from the now ex-Ministers (with a push from EirGrid and the wind industry), I was charged under the Scurrilous Misdeeds Against the State Act of 1892. My lawyer says that I am allowed to put a copy of the charge sheet on my blog as apparently it is a public document. Fair enough, here goes, ‘to wit’:


Mullingar Circuit Criminal Court
THE PEOPLE at the suit of the Director of Public Prosecutions
Padraig C. Pylon

Bill No. 792 / 2014
Charge Preferred to the Court

Statement of Offence


Count No.1:
The undermining of public confidence in the Government in contravention of Section 2 of the Scurrilous Misdeeds Against the State Act of 1892.

Particulars of Sample Offence:
That on 31/01/2014; 04/02/2014; 11/02/2014; 11/03/2014; and 23/03/2014; the Defendant did undermine the system of governance in this country by exposing the highly questionable activities, alternatively the bone-headed incompetence, of various Ministers of State, both current and previous.


Count No.2:

The undermining of foreign investment in contravention of Section 3 of the Scurrilous Misdeeds Against the State Act of 1892.

Particulars of Offence:
That on 11 February 2014 the Defendant did expose and detail the nefarious activities of government ministers and the semi-State organisation known as EirGrid, alleging misuse of funds and wastage of public monies, causing potential investors to invest in Zimbabwe, Gaza and Colombia, these being considered of better potential than Ireland as a result of the Defendant’s relentless exposure of the bribery and corruption occurring in the Republic.


Count No.3:
The undermining of public confidence in the Department of Communication, Energy and Natural Resources in contravention of Section 3 of the Scurrilous Misdeeds Against the State Act of 1892.

Particulars of Sample Offence:
That on 31/01/2014; 04/02/2014; 11/02/2014; 11/03/2014; and 23/03/2014; the Defendant did undermine the system of public administration in this country by conclusively showing that the abovementioned Department did, with malice aforethought, fail, neglect and undermine the provisions of the Aarhus Treaty by embarking on the Grid 25 Project without consulting, properly or at all, the citizens of Ireland, despite the ominous and adverse health, financial, environmental and social consequences associated with the aforementioned Project .


Count No.4:
The undermining of the careers of specific politicians in contravention of Section 4 of the Scurrilous Misdeeds Against the State Act of 1892.

Particulars of Sample Offence:
That on 31/01/2014; 04/02/2014; 11/02/2014; 11/03/2014; and 23/03/2014; the Defendant did undermine the careers of various politicians by exposing them as double-dealing, incompetent, or plain bent; thereby directly or indirectly causing those politicians to lose their Cabinet seats and a shit load of money that goes with it.


I’ll be making my first appearance in the District Court next Friday, so clutch your bollocks when you wish me luck.


Nelson Pylon Down - final

Did yees know that auld Nelson Mandela over dere in Africa was imprisoned by the evil aparthate regime for blowing up a pylon? And we all know what happened to your man after that – the Nobel Peace Prize and getting the title of world champion of the twentieth century. Makes youse think dunnit?

Some of ye lads might be startin to tink we have our own evil regime right here.

I was just after seeing the Mandela fillim “The Long Walk to Freedom” and it showed how he was a lawyer, and tried to live within the law, and followed the rules, but after a while he realised that the laws were so evil that it was impossible to follow dem and be a good person at the same time – one had to choose between good and evil. He chose good and so blew up that pylon.

So then I was thinking what is the law here? The law is called The Strategic Infrastructure Act, and it fecks over the previous planning laws altogether. It says that when the government call something a strategic infrastructure, all the doors fly open and they just walk right in, usually over the dead bodies of good and honest Irish citizens. The same law says that these strategic infrastuctures don’t need to go to the elected County Council first for Planning Permission, they go straight to An Bord Pleanala, and of course we know that the ABP are full of government appointed hoors, falling over themselves to get a sniff of Enda’s backside. ABP now means Arse-Bandit Plonkers.

Me being a blocklayer I thought I must have got this wrong. As a youngfella I was taught that we lived in a democracy. A democracy means the citizens get the last word. Peig couldn’t help me, so I thought I would see for myself. I went up to Portlaoise on the train and got hold of the file on the ABP decision to allow EirGrid to build a substation in Coolnabacca, which is in the Laios-Kilkenny area. The file was thick and took me all day to read it, there were so many representations from the people of the area. They all felt new to the touch – like they were never read before.

Jaysus wept. They call it a sub-station. There is nothing sub about it – it’s a feckin Super-station with 17 bays which means 17 high-power (400kV) lines comin in: Connections to a lot of wind farms, any fool can see that, it’s as plain as da tits on a monkey.

Eirgrid said it was for the upgrade and extension of a 110 kV line to Kilkenny and the ABP agreed with them. Evidence was led by the local people that it was to connect lots of wind farms – the evidence was a letter from Eirgrid in 2009, where the Project Manager says “the substation is for the future connection of renewables (windfarms)”. That seemed pretty clear to me: Eirgrid were talking bollocks with their story of a line extension, but that was ignored by your man from the APB.

When they realised their Environmental Impact Statement was dodgy, Eirgrid asked to amend it there and then in the hearing, without giving the people time to respond, and your man from APB allowed them, saying it was ‘within his remit to do so’. Your remit needs a refit methinks. In the bad old days we’d be lookin for the brown envelope – but this is just too daft to be bent, and having shit for brains is not a crime.

Anybody, even a blueshirt with half a brain, can see that feckin Eirgrid will use this super-station to connect the wind-farms in the Counties of Kilkenny, Laois, probably Wexford – 17 wind farms is a lot of wind farms – they said so in their letter. Hundreds of good folk trusted An Bord Pleanala to see through this obvious lie and banjax the whole mess, but the ABP just became part of that lie and let it go ahead.

This is when good people, who have obeyed the law their whole life, come to that point where your man Mandela was at when he said – the law is fecked-up evil, I cannot stand by and let it go on. You would understand if some yoke felt desperate enough to do something silly – please God that never happens. It is up to this regime to show the people it is not evil and stop this madness – now.