Midi de Paor Walsh; Eirgrid; Rabbitte; consultation; fraud; An Bord Pleanala; John Lowry; childhood leukaemia; Local elections 2014; Waterford Council

Go Midi!



What did I tell youse?

Midi should be the feckin Taoiseach – those old bollocks on the Waterford Council should just shag off, it’s a disgrace what they have done, or not done to be more accurate.


First she kicked An Bord Pleanala up the arse:



Now she’s got those cute hoors on the run! They knew 3 years ago, but made us go through their ‘consultation’ – what a bunch of bellends. Rabbitte should resign immediately, if he has a shred of honour and decency.



My favourite FB page:



Ah Midi, you should be living with me in Mullingar, not bothering with the Waterford Council.